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Pre-Order/AW24Orion BraceletOrion Bracelet
Orion Bracelet Sale price$13,060.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Tucson Bracelet, JadeTucson Bracelet, Jade
Tucson Bracelet, Jade Sale price$7,385.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Tucson Bracelet, AmazoniteTucson Bracelet, Amazonite
Tucson Bracelet, Amazonite Sale price$7,385.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Cherish Bracelet, JadeCherish Bracelet, Jade
Cherish Bracelet, Jade Sale price$2,695.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Noix Double-Wrap BraceletNoix Double-Wrap Bracelet
Noix Double-Wrap Bracelet Sale price$9,445.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Neo BraceletNeo Bracelet
Neo Bracelet Sale price$8,680.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Circinus BraceletCircinus Bracelet
Circinus Bracelet Sale price$10,140.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Percep Yellow Gold & Emerald BraceletPercep Yellow Gold & Emerald Bracelet
Pre-Order/AW24Omni BraceletOmni Bracelet
Omni Bracelet Sale price$14,850.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Pilla Yellow Gold BraceletPilla Yellow Gold Bracelet
Pilla Yellow Gold Bracelet Sale price$7,875.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Unit Curb Mixed MetalUnit Curb Mixed Metal
Unit Curb Mixed Metal Sale price$4,775.00 CAD
Mini Diamond Tennis BraceletMini Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Mini Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale price$2,995.00 CAD
Diamond Pear Halo Bangle
Diamond Pear Halo Bangle Sale price$4,895.00 CAD
Sold outPavé-Diamond Evil Eye BraceletPavé-Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet
Pavé-Diamond Evil Eye Bracelet Sale price$2,650.00 CAD
Pavé-Diamond Hamsa BraceletPavé-Diamond Hamsa Bracelet
Pavé-Diamond Hamsa Bracelet Sale price$2,570.00 CAD
Pavé-Diamond Gucci Link BraceletPavé-Diamond Gucci Link Bracelet
Pavé-Diamond Gucci Link Bracelet Sale price$3,690.00 CAD
Royal Tahitian BraceletRoyal Tahitian Bracelet
Royal Tahitian Bracelet Sale price$3,795.00 CAD
Match-Stick Diamond Pavé Bangle
Match-Stick Diamond Pavé Bangle Sale price$5,250.00 CAD
Bubble Diamond Tennis BraceletBubble Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Bubble Diamond Tennis Bracelet Sale price$8,800.00 CAD
Special OrderJuju Shooting Star BangleJuju Shooting Star Bangle
Juju Shooting Star Bangle Sale price$14,455.00 CAD
Juju Hearts BangleJuju Hearts Bangle
Juju Hearts Bangle Sale price$15,865.00 CAD
Pre-Order/AW24Louise Yellow Gold and White Diamonds Small Links "Love" BraceletLouise Yellow Gold and White Diamonds Small Links "Love" Bracelet
Special OrderLace Chain BraceletLace Chain Bracelet
Lace Chain Bracelet Sale price$3,575.00 CAD
Special OrderPathway Bracelet, DiamondPathway Bracelet, Diamond
Pathway Bracelet, Diamond Sale price$11,450.00 CAD
Rainbow Moonstone Line BraceletRainbow Moonstone Line Bracelet
Rainbow Moonstone Line Bracelet Sale price$1,545.00 CAD
Mini Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Mini Freshwater Pearl Bracelet Sale price$1,545.00 CAD
North Star Bracelet, RainbowNorth Star Bracelet, Rainbow
North Star Bracelet, Rainbow Sale price$3,420.00 CAD
Sold outWoven Eightfold Double-Wrap Chain, Rainbow Silk®
Woven Eightfold Chain Bracelet, Cool Rainbow Silk®Woven Eightfold Chain Bracelet, Cool Rainbow Silk®
Special OrderMini Stellar Letter BraceletMini Stellar Letter Bracelet
Mini Stellar Letter Bracelet Sale price$1,175.00 CAD
Radiant BraceletRadiant Bracelet
Radiant Bracelet Sale price$4,065.00 CAD
Radiant Bracelet, DiamondsRadiant Bracelet, Diamonds
Radiant Bracelet, Diamonds Sale price$21,055.00 CAD
Lab DiamondEmerald East-West Lab Diamond Tennis BraceletEmerald East-West Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Lab DiamondOval East-West Lab Diamond Tennis BraceletOval East-West Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Sold outAnchor Diamond Link ChainAnchor Diamond Link Chain
Anchor Diamond Link Chain Sale price$8,780.00 CAD
Sold outDiamond Toggle Link BraceletDiamond Toggle Link Bracelet
Diamond Toggle Link Bracelet Sale price$6,790.00 CAD
Sold outRetro-Fluted Diamond BangleRetro-Fluted Diamond Bangle
Retro-Fluted Diamond Bangle Sale price$9,450.00 CAD
Rainbow Sapphire Flexible Bangle
Rainbow Sapphire Flexible Bangle Sale price$8,800.00 CAD